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Peace, Perfect Peace And Other Favourite Folk HymnsPeace, Perfect Peace And Other Favourite Folk Hymns

Peace, Perfect Peace And Other Favourite Folk Hymns

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The Kevin Mayhew hymn writers have contributed thousands of new songs to the worldwide Church for over 40 years. Here are 15 wonderful recordings - a reminder as to why they go on being sung in every nation and every land.

The Kevin Mayhew Writers:
Mike Anderson, Patrick Appleford, Sandra Joan Billington,Michael Cockett, Madeleine Cuddy, Michael Foster,John Glynn, Damian Lundy, Gerard Markland,Kevin Mayhew, Colin Murphy, Aniceto Nazareth and Hubert J. Richards.

Beautifully Sung By:
Sean David, Sian Fawcett, Melissa Hollick, Michael Humphrey, Paul Kelly and Cate Mellor.


1 I will be with you
2 Listen, let your heart keep seeking
3 Sing it in the valleys
4 Love will never come to an end
5 Follow me
6 God's Spirit is in my heart
7 A new commandment
8 Do not be afraid
9 I watch the sunrise
10 Peace, perfect peace
11 The Spirit lives to set us free
12 Shalom, my friend
13 Peace is flowing like a river
14 Oh, the word of my Lord
15 Our God loves us

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