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People Of Peace - CdPeople Of Peace - Cd

People Of Peace - CD

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Kevin Mayhew and Nick Fawcett have produced a stunning and thought-provoking work on the horror of war and the hope we can all have, through a true and living faith in God, of a brighter tomorrow. Though inspired by the life of Harry Patch, the last known survivor of the First World War, who died in 2009, the creators of the piece have an outlook that is future-oriented and energising.

The music, which mirrors carefully the deep meaning of the text, may be performed easily by a church or chapel choir, either on its own or as part of a longer service for peace. This is a work that will stay with both choir and congregation long after the words and music have ended.

Narrator: Sarah Mayhew
Soprano: Hannah Mayhew
Alto: Alice Wood
Tenor: Samuel Knock
Bass: David Sadler
Keyboard and Music Director: Kevin Duncan


1. Narration
2. Where love is met with hatred (Choir)
3. Narration
4. How did you feel that morning? (Choir)
5. Lord, to our world in its madness (Choir)
6. Narration
7. Hear our prayer for others (Choir)
8. Narration
9. When you spoke and shaped creation
(Choir and Congregation)
10. Narration
11. For those who fight injustice (Choir)
12. Narration
13. Silent night (Choir)
14. Narration
15. An urgent voice is calling (Choir and Congregation)
16. Narration
17. Peace march (Choir)

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