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Performing With PuppetsPerforming With Puppets

Performing With Puppets

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Puppets are becoming an ever more popular medium for education and entertainment in schools, churches and theatres.

Their larger-than-life characters and visual appeal fascinate audiences, young and old alike.

This DVD and informative handbook take you through the art of bringing puppets alive. With clear instructions, step-by-step guides to rehearsal and sketches to put each step into practice, this manual is ideal whether you are working alone or setting up a team of puppeteers.

From the smallest glove puppet to all kinds of large stage puppets, and from simple storytelling to team puppetry behind a screen, our essential how-to guide will help you to unlock the potential of this versatile art form.

Puppets have some unique abilities and purposes that stem from the fact that they are able to act like people without actually being people. In education, this is important because the puppet can carry a burden which a person is unable or unwilling to carry.When a puppet is wrong, it is funny, but not embarrassing. When a puppet is sad, it invites empathy, but not sorrow.

When a puppet asks a silly question, children feel good because they know the answer. The puppet doesn't feel stupid. It is surely this thick-skinned quality which makes a puppet such a useful tool in ministry. Featuring a range of useful sections, including using your puppet, starting to talk and behind the screens,this great new resource takes you through the "dos and don'ts" of puppetry to insure you are using this popular method to its greatest potential. Complete with an accompanying DVD of instructions and suggestions,this guide is a must-have for anyone involved in children's ministry.

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