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Playing Them In & Playing Them Out- OrganPlaying Them In & Playing Them Out- Organ

Playing Them In & Playing Them Out- Organ

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A bumper collection of 88 processionals and recessionals which will be an invaluable resource for any organist. How many times have you found yourself desperately searching for the right piece to play at the beginning or end of a service? With this book , you are spoiled for choice.


Aboard the Gospel train - Colin Hand
A braule for the tuba - June Nixon
A little jaunt - Andrew Moore
Allegro marziale - Robert Jones
All glory and power - June Nixon
A running antiphon - Stanley Vann
A short recessional - Andrew Moore
A solemn preamble - Stanley Vann
A symphony on escalators - Colin Hand
As you like it! - Rosalie Bonighton
A triumph of trumpets - Colin Hand
A tuba minuet - Christopher Tambling
Bank holiday - Betty Roe
Bohemian march - Andrew Moore
Bright seraphim - Colin Hand
Cath's cantique - Richard Lloyd
Chestnut Sunday - Richard Lloyd
Diluvium - Richard Lloyd
Domine, refugiam - Rosalie Bonighton
Dot and carry - Betty Roe
English melody - Andrew Wright
Entrata - Robert Jones
Exult emus - June Nixon
Fanfare - Andrew Wright
Fanfare for an occasion - David Terry
Fanghetta - Quentin Thomas
Festal Day - Elizabeth Hill
Festal Procession - Rosalie Bonighton
Festal flourish - Andrew Fletcher
Festal flourish - John Marsh
Festive minuet - Andrew Wright
Fêtes - Stanley Vann
Gregorian march - David Terry
Hail the dawn - Colin Mawby
Henry's hornpipe - Andrew Fletcher
Holland Park - Betty Roe
In three flats - Rosalie Bonighton
Intrada da tromba - Stanley Vann
Intrada imperial - Andrew Fletcher
Jack Frost - Betty Roe
Jubilant finale - Michael Higgins
Jubilate - Norman Warren
Laetatus sum - Norman Warren
Laudate dominum - Rosalie Bonighton
Lively praise - Colin Mawby
Majestas - Colin Hand
Mallaby-Deekey's march - Richard Lloyd
Meditative postlude - June Nixon
Minuet - David Terry
Moto obstinate - Christopher Tambling
Parade - John Marsh
Pentecost acclamation - June Nixon
Preamble appassionato - Stanley Vann
Prelude - Quentin Thomas
Procession to the altar of repose - Michael Higgins
Promenade - Robert Jones
Recessional march - Andrew Wright
Rejoice greatly - John Marsh
Rejoice! The Lord is King - Michael Higgins
Renaissance rondel - Andrew Fletcher
Risoluto - Robert Jones
Sabbath joy - Norman Warren
Salsecnew - Betty Roe
Scherzetto - Michael Higgins
Scherzo marziale - David Terry
Sentimental scherzo - John Marsh
Shebaniah's Siegeslied - Richard Lloyd
Solemn processional - Christopher Tambling
Solemn processional - Michael Higgins
Sortie - Robert Jones
Sortie joyeuse - Andrew Moore
Stately sarabande - Andrew Wright
Stately sortie - Andrew Fletcher
Sunday morning - Andrew Moore
Tec-tac-toc - Quentin Thomas
Terrapin's turn - Quentin Thomas
The heavenly dance - Colin Mawby
The joy of Spring - Colin Mawby
The knights of Trelights - Christopher Tambling
The war march of the organists - Colin Mawby
Toccata - Quentin Thomas
Toccatina - John Marsh
Toccatinetto - Christopher Tambling
Triads triumphant - Elizabeth Hill
Trumpet call - Norman Warren
Trumpet scherzo - Andrew Wright
Trumpet tune - David Terry
Venite - Norman Warren

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