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Prayers for Peace and Friendship

Prayers for Peace and Friendship

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From Gaynor Cobb

With verses from the Bible as the starting point, Gaynor Cobb reflects on the worldwide message of love and friendship sent by Jesus Christ through his disciples.
Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 16 for Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, this collection of Bible verses, powerful prayers and carefully curated reflections aims to motivate the reader to consider new ways to support individuals and communities as we strive for friendship and peace.

Within the collection are prayers for places: Ukraine, Africa, The Holy Land and the Middle East, as well as prayers for the displaced, strangers and the children of war. The book also looks at special places and people associated with peace as it considers the ways in which we find our own peace within.

Prayers for Peace and Friendship also considers our humanity and the way in which all people should be treated with love and dignity, preserving human rights and ending persecution and oppression. People and nations are invited to embrace the peace of Christ through friendship, love and human rights.
Sales will help to support ChildAid to Eastern Europe in their 50th anniversary year.

ChildAid works with Christian partners providing both short and long-term programmes to help families,  orphans, disabled children and young people. 

Therapy, rehabilitation programmes and children's summer camps are taking place despite the war situation.

In addition, food, hygiene products, clothes and shelter have been provided in Ukraine and Moldova.

Our prayers for peace are important and we know that there will be a great need for reconstruction and support, even when the peace we hope for becomes a reality.

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