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Prayers For Times Of SorrowPrayers For Times Of Sorrow

Prayers For Times Of Sorrow

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Here are over 50 prayers, poems and favourite passages from the Bible to comfort and soothe when times are hard. They are beautifully and prayerfully spoken - often by their author - with background music that perfectly catches the mood of each piece.


Among much new material you will find the following evergreens:

When you're lonely
The Beatitudes
Christ be with me
The Divine Weaver
God has not promised
One solitary life
The 23rd Psalm
When dreams are broken
Death is nothing at all
What is dying?

1-6 For hope, help and healing
7-18 For those experiencing pain, suffering and sorrow
19-32 Jesus, Light in our darkness/New beginnings
33-38 Seeking God's help
39-42 Death and dying
43-51 Living with loss/Grief and mourning
52-53 Those living with Alzheimer's disease
54 On the death of a pet

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