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Praying Without Pretence

Praying Without Pretence

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If you find prayer a struggle sometimes, unsure of what to say or how to say it, this is the book for you.

For everyone, praying can occasionally seem more of a burden than a blessing.

We assume there’s a right way of doing it, certain words we ought to use, an approach we must adhere to. In these pages, Nick Fawcett dispels that myth, offering 100 prayers that express not how we’re meant to feel but how we truly feel; not what we’re meant to say but what we want to say.

If you’re feeling miserable, disillusioned, bored, tell God about it. If you’re angry with God, spit it out. If you’re troubled by doubts and questions, say so.

Why pretend to feel what you don’t? Why go through the motions if they mean nothing to you?

Be yourself; tell it as it is.

Despite what you may think or fear, God won’t be shocked.

Praying without pretence, that’s what we should aim for.

Real, honest prayer. If God can't accept that, who can?

- Nick Fawcett

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