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Preludes On The Great Welsh Hymn TunesPreludes On The Great Welsh Hymn Tunes

Preludes On The Great Welsh Hymn Tunes

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Many are the wonderful melodies that have come to us from the Welsh valleys. We have asked our composers to write these satisfying preludes on 25 of the greatest. Our customers know they will get music that is accessible, attractive and spiritual.


Aberystwyth - Alan Rees
Bryn Calfaria - Robert Jones
Builth - Robert Jones
Caersalem - Andrew Wright
Calon Lân - Jason Shute
Clawdd Madog - Andrew Moore
Crug-y-bar - Jason Shute
Cwm Rhondda - Jason Shute
Groes-Wen - Andrew Moore
Gwalchmai - Betty Roe
Hyfrydol - Betty Roe
Llanfair - Andrew Wright
Llansannan - Andrew Moore
Lledrod - Richard Lloyd
Llef - Alan Rees
Meriba - Richard Lloyd
Pembroke - Andrew Fletcher
Penlan - Andrew Wright
Penyryrfa - Simon Clark
Rhuddlan - Simon Clark
St Denio - Colin Mawby
Sirioldeb - Andrew Fletcher
Tre-Wen - Colin Mawby
Tyddyn Llwyn - Richard Lloyd
Y Delyn Aur - Robert Jones