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Sacred Celtic CollectionSacred Celtic Collection

Sacred Celtic Collection

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Those who love the traditional sounds of Celtic music are in for a real treat as they listen to the 64 tracks on this 4-CD set. It is ideal for personal listening, accompanying prayer and for use in services.


Disk 1
Come, Creator Spirit
Be thou my vision
Early sunrise
Circle me, Lord
De Profundis
On the holy cross I see
Here I am , Lord
Christ be near
We come
Deep peace
The river runs free
When the music fades
Come be with me
Across the water/Dance Saint Quay
Amazing Grace

Disk 2
Swing low, sweet chariot
Reflections of the sea
Christ before me
What a friend we have in Jesus
You, Lord, are in this place
Tide change
Jesus be the centre
Nature's pathway
Dance in the Spirit
Spirit divine
Invocation to the Creator
Here is love, vast as the ocean
Ocean journey
I arise
Funeral blessing
Wisdom of the Ancients: air and slip jig

Disk 3
Celtic prayer
My peace
Rose's circle
Saviour of my soul
I heard the voice of Jesus
An island stream
Desert waters
Resurrection song
Cadfan's blessing
I will tread the earth lightly
Immortal, invisible
Caledonian skies
Be still
Praise his holy name/Glory to the High King
Mountains in the mist
Traveller's prayer

Disk 4
From heaven you came
The blessing of the Three
Let the peace of the Father
Christmas poor
The traveller
In nomine
My heart is filled with thankfulness
Come, holy dove
Lord Jesus at your coming
Sun of our night
Evening dedication
David's air/fire of the north
Christ in quiet
Let life rhythms flow
Distant horizons
When I survey the wondrous cross

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