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Scott Joplin For ClarinetScott Joplin For Clarinet

Scott Joplin For Clarinet

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Arranged by: Colin Mawby
Expertly arranged by Colin Mawby, Scott Joplin for Clarinet features five rags, waltzes and marches from Joplin's lively catalogue. Featured are two waltzes, Harmony Club waltz and Augustan Club Waltzes, the marches Combination March and Rosebud March, and the most famous rag of all, The Entertainer.

Joplin's Ragtime music was to usher in the great New Orleans jazz boom of the early 1900s, so it's no surprise that the clarinet lends itself so well to this style of music. The arrangements are faithful to the original piano versions, with the clarinet taking the melody and the piano providing Joplin's characteristic rhythmic accompaniment.

The book comes with a separate 12-page clarinet part.


• The Entertainer
• Harmony Club Waltz
• Combination March
• Augustan Club Waltzes
• Rosebud Marc