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Service Music From England

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A series of national organ music collections with the publication of music from England, France, Germany, and Italy. Each book contains 50 representative pieces especially suitable for Service use. The collections are compiled by Colin Mawby.


Alla Marcia in C - Adams
Alla Marcia in B flat - Adams
Andante Pastorale - Adams
Prelude - Adams
Adagio - Bennett
Andantino - Best
Hanover - Best
O praise the Lord - Best
'Vers' in G major - Blow
'Vers' in G minor - Blow
'Vers' in C major - Blow
Carillon - Brewer
Allegro Comodo - Bridge
Allegro Marziale - Bridge
Voluntary - Cosyn
Voluntary in A minor - Croft
Voluntary in D major - Croft
Voluntary in D minor - Croft
Cantique - Elgar
A Short Prelude in Four Parts - Gibbons
A Trumpet Minuet - Hollins
Prelude in G - Hopkins
Prelude in E flat - Hopkins
Prelude in A - Hopkins
Minuet Purcell
Trumpet Tune in D - Purcell
Trumpet Tune in C - Purcell
Voluntary in C - Purcell
Voluntary on the Old 100th Pt.1 - Purcell
Voluntary on the Old 100th Pt.2 - Purcell
Andante Grazioso - Smart
Evening Prayer - Smart
Adagio - Stainer
Andante - Stainer
Voluntary in A minor - Stanley
Voluntary in E minor - Stanley
Voluntary in G - Stanley
Voluntary in G minor - Stanley
Caithness - Stewart
Prelude in E minor - Walmisley
Voluntary in A minor - Weelkes
Second Voluntary in A Minor - Weelkes
Voluntary in C - Wesley
Voluntary in C minor - Wesley
Voluntary in F major - Wesley
Voluntary in E minor - Wesley
Voluntary in D - Wesley
Largo - Wesley
Passacaglia - West
Voluntary - West
Romanza in A minor - Wolstenholme