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Short & Easy Organ CollectionShort & Easy Organ Collection

Short & Easy Organ Collection

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100 short and easy pieces in all, very straightforward and eminently sight-readable. There are no page turns because none of the pieces are more than two pages long.


Adagio - Verhelst
Air - Boëly
Alla Marcia - John Marsh
Allegretto - Betty Roe
Andante - Zöllner
Andante cantabile - Rosalie Bonighton
Andante religioso - Smart
Andantino - Franck
Antiphon -Guilmant
A peaceful reflection - Christopher Tambling
A prayer of peace - Michael Higgins
A prayer song - Andrew Moore
Aria - Richard Lloyd
Arietta - John Marsh
A sad piece - Andrew Moore
Benedictus - John Marsh
Bourrée - Wood
Chorale prelude on Halifax - Best
Contemplation - Colin Hand
Dignitate - Andrew Moore
Draw near with faith - Malcolm Archer
Eden - Betty Roe
Elegy - Michael Higgins
Elegy - Noel Rawsthorne
Elevation - Dubois
Elevation - Guilmant
Emily - June Nixon
Fanfare - Stephen Kemp
Finale - Alan Viner
Folk tune - John Jordan
Gaudete - John Marsh
Gloria - Couperin
Great and glorious - Colin Hand
Hymnus - Franck
Improvisation - Andrew Fletcher
Improvisation - June Nixon
In mercy broken - Rosalie Bonighton
Interlude - Noel Rawsthorne
In three flats - Rosalie Bonighton
Intrada - John Marsh
Introduction - Lefébure-Wély
Introit - Richard Lloyd
Invocation - John Marsh
Joyful interlude in E minor - Colin Mawby
Joyful interlude in F - Colin Mawby
Lament - Andrew Moore
Largo - Corrette
Largo - Betty Roe
Lyric piece - Andrew Moore
Mediation - Elizabeth Hill
Meditation - James Patten
Meditation at Engel berg - John Marsh
Meditative moments - Colin Hand
Meditative postlude - June Nixon
Melody - Betty Roe
Morning song - Rosalie Bonighton
Noblemen - Quentin Thomas
Palace beautiful - Richard Shephard
Pastorale - Rosalie Bonighton
Pastorale - Andrew Wright
Pax voice - Button
Pipers' pleasure - Colin Hand
Postlude - Andrew Fletcher
Postlude - Alan Ridout
Praeludium - Michael Higgins
Prelude - Fischer
Prelude in A Minor - Merkel
Prelude in Eb - Webb
Prelude in E minor - Rinck
Prelude on men may live a godly life - Sweelinck
Prière - Noel Rawsthorne
Procession to the altar of repose - Michael Higgins
Prologue to a ceremony - June Nixon
Reflection - Boëly
Reflection - Betty Roe
Reflection after turmoil - Colin Mawby
Rejoice greatly - John Marsh
Rêverie - Boëly
Rêverie - Noel Rawsthorne
Rêverie - Norman Warren
Sad siciliano - Paul Bryan
Second prelude in C - Rinck
Serenade - Betty Roe
Shenandoah - Christopher Tambling
Siciliano - Elizabeth Hill
Sicilienne - Robert Jones
Slane - David Terry
Slow march - Richard Shephard
Soft voluntary - Harding
Solemn introduction - Christopher Tambling
Solemn prelude - John Marsh
Solitude - Betty Roe
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child - Christopher Tambling
Sortie - Richard Shephard
The bishop's fanfare - Christopher Tambling
The vines - Norman Warren
Theme - Guilmant
Triumphal march - Andrew Fletcher
Venite - Norman Warren
Via pacis - Norman Warren