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Sing: Literacy Songs  Sing: Literacy Songs  

Sing: Literacy Songs

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Here is a collection of 10 simple songs which will take children through from learning their first phonemes to writing their very own stories! There are songs to help children remember to put a capital letter at the start of every sentence; songs to remind them to leave spaces between their words; songs to learn about opposites and rhymes; songs to tackle alliteration and some of the quirks of the English language; and songs to boost their belief in themselves and their ability to write! Sing... and make literacy lessons memorable and fun!


Fact or Fiction?
Have-a-go kid
Letters and phonemes
Rhyming strings
'Tickled pink!'
Words need spaces


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About Ali Dee

Ali Dee lives in Nottingham and is married with three daughters. Over the last 25 years, Ali has worked with young children, mainly in Early Years and KS1. Her roles have ranged from childminder and teaching assistant to music specialist and music consultant. Ali's unique talent is writing for the voice and her music will instantly appeal to primary school children - it's tuneful, jazzy, attractive and memorable and great fun to sing.