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Sing! Sing You, Sing MeSing! Sing You, Sing Me

Sing! Sing You, Sing Me

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The question, 'Who am I?' is as pertinent to children as it is to adults. Perhaps even more so, as they begin their long and exciting trek through life, discovering not just the world about them, but their place in it. Here, then, is a collection of songs exploring this question.

Funny, catchy, moving and rousing, these songs explore such themes as our bodies, our thoughts and our emotions, our likes, our talents and our need to belong. Through action songs, songs to dance to, songs to stretch your memory, songs to make you think and songs to make you laugh, children will be encouraged to accept and celebrate their differences and to embrace their similarities.


Both as perfect as can be!
Bursting with happiness!
How do I feel today?
I don't have to be like you
I like!
It's good to be me!
Stripy, dotty friends
Topsy-turvy body
What a lot of things I can do! Can you?
Who am I?


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About Ali Dee

Ali Dee lives in Nottingham and is married with three daughters. Over the last 25 years, Ali has worked with young children, mainly in Early Years and KS1. Her roles have ranged from childminder and teaching assistant to music specialist and music consultant. Ali's unique talent is writing for the voice and her music will instantly appeal to primary school children - it's tuneful, jazzy, attractive and memorable and great fun to sing.