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Songs From The Sea For TrumpetSongs From The Sea For Trumpet

Songs From The Sea For Trumpet

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These 12 familiar sea shanties for trumpet, with piano accompaniment, by well-known composer and arranger, Colin Mawby remind us of the important naval tradition of many countries. He recommends that they are played with vitality, excitement and panache.


Blow the man down
Blow the wind southerly
Bobby Shaftoe
Bound to the Rio Grande
Fire down below
Highland laddie
My bonnie lies over the ocean
Pay me the money down
The keel row
The saucy Arethusa
What shall we do with the drunken sailor?

There is a long and ancient tradition of sea shanties. They were used to assist sailors in the difficult task of manning sailing ships. Just as much as dancing helped to keep seamen fit, so the shanty was sung to lighten the physical strain of working in often brutal conditions.

The rhythm of the songs fitted the rhythm of the job and it helped to create a very necessary sense of team spirit. Each task had its own shanty. They were usually sung by a leader (the Shantyman) with the sailors singing the chorus as they worked. Jobs like raising the anchors, hoisting the sails or manning the capstan were hard, back-breaking work. Shanties encouraged the men to keep at it!

These arrangements should be played with vitality and excitement. You are reliving a very important part of the naval tradition of many seafaring countries