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Still Valued And BlessedStill Valued And Blessed

Still Valued And Blessed

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What exactly is old age? Grey hair? A pension? A state of mind? Whatever it is, and however it is defined, one thing is for sure: God wants our lives to continue to be valued and blessed.

In his new book, Still Valued and Blessed, author Patrick Coghlan encourages everyone entering and journeying through old age to do so with a positive attitude and to live a spiritually fruitful and fulfilling life.

As Patrick says: 'I am sure that God doesn't want us to stop living fulfilling lives - filled with joy and hope - just because we have reached a certain age. We still have spiritual needs to be met, callings to fulfil, and new things to learn!'

Patrick Coghlan is a Baptist Minister and chaplain for a care trust. He has considerable experience of working with people of most age groups, in the context of providing ministry and care. His first book was published in 2001 and he has since written a variety of Christian resources for different age groups, and some family novels.

Still Valued and Blessed is a personal resource written predominantly for older people and those approaching this time of life. This much-needed guide aims to help us all approach, enter and journey through old age positively and to discover a new wealth of spiritual fruitfulness, with joy and hope. It examines biblical teaching about God's purpose for our whole lives, encouraging us to be challenged by new experiences and opportunities, and to learn from those older characters in the Bible who served God in truly amazing ways.


1. The purpose for which we were created

2. God's faithfulness to us on our Christian journey

3. Letting go of failure and facing new opportunities

4. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding gained from life experience

5. Respect for older people

6. Obedience to God - to our calling and in our lifestyles (Noah)

7. Patience - God's timing is perfect (Abraham/Abram)

8. God's plan for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11) - Nothing is by coincidence with God (Joseph)

9. Used by God in the wilderness years (Moses)

10. Setting a good example to our children and others (David)

11. Doubts (Zechariah)

12. All things are possible with God (Elizabeth)

13. Waiting to meet face to face with Jesus (Anna and Simeon)

14. Witnessing, teaching and sharing testimony (Paul)

Epilogue Embracing the challenge

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