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Strive And Thrive With The Psalms

Strive And Thrive With The Psalms

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Do the 150 Psalms of the Bible have any relevance for us in the twenty-first century?

In 365 bite-sized pieces, Pam Pointer shows how the situations and sentiments expressed in the psalms resonate with us today. Human nature doesn’t change so the topics of fear, joy, despair, music, dancing, nature, anxiety, anger and elation are as relevant now as when the psalms were written.

Each short piece contains a question, a few verses to look up and read, a comment, a challenge or encouragement, and a prayer suggestion.

Strive and Thrive with the Psalms can be a daily companion. We strive in the challenging situations that impact us each day and, whatever our circumstances, we thrive on the goodness of God.

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