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Teenage Cool ClarinetTeenage Cool Clarinet
Teenage Cool Clarinet
Teenage Cool Clarinet

Teenage Cool Clarinet

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Here is a fun, effective and systematic course for teenage beginners which they will be able to use from their very first lesson. It is packed with fun pieces to play in exciting modern styles. The musical and technical information is clearly presented and there are listening games, puzzles and quizzes. CD included.


60 seconds ballad (backing)
60 seconds ballad (complete)
Andy's andante (complete)
Ballad for Mr Blue (backing)
Ballad for Mr Blue (complete)
Bluesy E (backing)
Bluesy E (complete
Boogie pants (backing)
Boogie pants (complete)
Butternut bossa (backing)
Butternut bossa (complete)
Clog dance (backing)
Clog dance (complete)
Cloudy skies (backing)
Cloudy skies (complete)
Clowns' parade (backing)
Clowns' parade (complete)
Cowboy's swing (backing)
Cowboy's swing (complete)
Elephant's cakewalk (backing)
Elephant's cakewalk (complete)
Engineer's rag (backing)
Engineer's rag (complete)
Frisbies (backing)
Frisbies (complete)
Funky Mikki (backing)
Funky Mikki (complete)
Get ready (backing)
Get ready (complete)
Grandma's biscuit tin (backing)
Grandma's biscuit tin (complete)
Grandma's ragtime rave-up (backing)
Grandma's ragtime rave-up (complete)
Heading south (backing)
Heading south (complete)
Just E-loud and fast (backing)
Just E-loud and fast (complete)
Just E-soft and slow (backing)
Just E-soft and slow (complete)
Kit bag blues (backing)
Kit bag blues (complete)
Lazy weekend (backing)
Lazy weekend (complete)
Listening game 1
Listening game 2
Listening game 3
Listening game 4
Listening game 5
Listening game 6
Long note practice 1
Long note practice 2
Long note practice 3
Long note practice 4
Lord Henry's hornpipe (backing)
Lord Henry's hornpipe (complete)
Medieval march (backing)
Medieval march (complete)
Monday morning waltz (backing) Monday morning waltz (complete)
Rhythm workout 1
Rhythm workout 2
Rhythm workout 3
Rhythm workout 4
Rhythm workout 5
Rhythm workout 6
Rhythm workout 7
Rhythm workout 8
Rockin' at rock pool bay (backing)
Rockin' at rock pool bay (complete)
Sleepy eyes (backing)
Sleepy eyes (complete)
Steady Eddie (backing)
Steady Eddie (complete)
Strange horizon (backing)
Strange horizon (complete)
Sunrise island (backing)
Sunrise island (complete)
Sunset beach (backing)
Sunset beach (complete)
What's become of E? (backing)
What's become of E? (complete)
William's waltz (backing)
William's waltz (complete)
Winter morning (backing)
Winter morning (complete)
Wonderful (backing)
Wonderful (complete)


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About Heather Hammond

Heather Hammond is a prolific and immensely popular composer whose work has been published by Kevin Mayhew. She studied piano and clarinet at Leeds College of Music. Postgraduate studies followed in Education at Bretton Hall College, Wakefield and Music Technology at York University.