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The Art Of Bible ReadingThe Art Of Bible Reading

The Art Of Bible Reading

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The Art of Bible Reading is designed to introduce 11 to 14-year-olds to the Bible through the exploration of eight significant biblical narratives. Over 12 lessons, these narratives are explored alongside paintings by the artist Brian J. Turner. These paintings illustrate the texts in a quirky, contemporary and thought provoking style. The Art of Bible Reading will:

  • increase biblical literacy and familiarity with both individual biblical narratives and the story of salvation that runs through the Bible as a whole;
  • introduce different ways in which biblical narratives are interpreted within Christian and other traditions;
  • encourage reflection on how Christian communities are shaped by their telling of the Bible's story;
  • give licence for personal engagement with, and response to, the biblical narratives from faith-based or secular perspectives.

Each lesson in The Art of Bible Reading is organised around four phases of learning - encountering narrative; interpreting narrative; understanding narrative in community contexts; and reflecting on narratives of self and others - and involves the completion of a wide range of interactive, creative and stimulating learning activities.


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