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The Gingerbread Man(Performance Licence Required)The Gingerbread Man(Performance Licence Required)

The Gingerbread Man (Performance Licence Required)

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The little Gingerbread Man's colourful and comic adventures are brought to life in this musical retelling of a traditional children's favourite. With KS1 and younger KS2 children in mind, straight- forward dialogue, seven catchy songs (free accompanying tracks available) and a simple dance are combined in a fun-filled musical suitable for any time of the year.

Auntie Nan
Four children
Gingerbread Man
Farmer's Wife
Six Fairies
Raindrops Group 1
Raindrops Group 2
The size of the cast may be adjusted by increasing or reducing the numbers of children, fairies and raindrops

1 Gingerbread Man
Auntie Nan, Children

2 Can't catch me!
Gingerbread Man, Audience

3 Come, come, follow me

4 Can't catch me! (Reprise)
Gingerbread Man

5 Poor little Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread Man, Audience

6 Dance of the raindrops
Raindrops Groups 1 & 2

7 You win


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If you are planning to make copies or put on a public performance using these works, then a licence will need to be applied for in advance.

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