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The Organist's Book Of Really Useful MusicThe Organist's Book Of Really Useful Music

The Organist's Book Of Really Useful Music

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A quick run down the names of the composers in this collection will immediately persuade the busy organist that this is indeed a treasury of music that will be loved and used for years to come.


A Village chorus - William Griffiths
Adagio from the Overture to the Occasional Oratorio - Handel
Adagio from Sonata No. 1 - Fink
Andante Pastorale - Petrali
Adagio moth from Sonata No. 3 in C minor - Guilmant
Agnus Dei - Verdi-Liszt
All Saints' Day - Max Oesten
Alla Marcia - Thomas Adams
All men, all things - Mendelssohn
Allegretto in A - Beethoven
Allegretto pastorale - Reynolds
Andante Pastorale - E H Thorne
Andante Paffettuosa - Petrali
Andante in F - Mozart
Andante Religiouso - Ross
Andante religiose - Elvey
Andante - Hopkins
Andante assai espressivo - Mendelssohn
Andante con moto - Schubert
Andante grazioso - Keene
Andante in F - Hesse
Andante Religiose - Tomlyn
Andante serioso - Brooksbank
Angels ever bright and fair - Handel
Ascension Day - Oesten
At Sunset - Oesten
Ave Maria - Edmonstoune Duncan
Ave Maria - Franz Liszt
Ave Verum - Docker
Bagatelle - Smart
Be thou faithful unto death - Mendelssohn
Behold the Lamb of God - Handel
Blest are the departed - Spohr
Bridal Chorus - Wagner
Canon - Haynes
Cantilene religieuse - Dubois
Cast thy burdon upon the Lord - Mendelssohn
Chanson de Matin - Elgar
Chanson de nuit - Elgar
Chanson Trieste
Choral - Bach
Christmas - Oesten
Communion - Gaul
Communion - W Russell
Dead March - Handel
Diapason Movement - Williams
Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott - Reger
Elegy - Lloyd
Elevation - Loret
Elevation - Lefébure-Wely
Entre-Acte - Schubert
Evening Prayer - Smart
Evening Song - Warriner
Fantasy - Blair
Fantasiestück - Schumann
Gavotte - Couperin
How lovely are the messengers - Mendelssohn
I know that my Redeemer lives - Handel
He was despised - Handel
If with all your hearth - Mendelssohn
Interlude - Vogt
Interlude - Dubois
Interlude in F - Brewer
Interludio - Schubiger
Lament - West
Larghetto - Cunningham Woods
Lleder ohne Worte No. 9 - Mendelssohn
Lfeder ohne Worte No. 22 - Mendelssohn
Lieder ohne Worte No. 48 - Mendelssohn
Marche Solennelle - Adams
Meditation - Wolstenholme
Meditation in F - Blair
Melody - Coleridge-Taylor
Minuet from Berenice - Handel
Meditation - Ross
Minuet - Schubert
Minuetto - Handel
0 rest in the Lord - Mendelssohn
Pastorale - Corelli
Pastorate Symphony - Handel
Pastorale in E - Lemare
Piccola Piva
Postlude - Kaim
Postlude - Topfer
Postludium in D major - Merkel
Prelude - Lefébure-Wely
Prelude in C Minor - Chopin
Prelude - Dubois
Preludio - Capocci
Processional to Calvary - Stainer
Rondo - Couperin
Service Prelude - Thayer
Sleepers Wake - Mendelssohn
Songs in the night - Spinney
Then shalt the righteous shine forth - Mendelssohn
Vesper Melody - Adams
Wedding March - Mendelssohn
When called by Thee I gain Thy portal - Bach
Yearning - Mendelssohn