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The Prison Letters

The Prison Letters

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From Matt McChlery

Paul's third missionary journey ended in Jerusalem, where he encountered an angry and violent mob who almost killed him. His life was saved by some Roman soldiers who arrested him and he ultimately ended up in prison in Rome where he awaited trial as a Roman citizen. His imprisonment lasted two years, with his life hanging in the balance.

During this time, Paul wrote a number of letters to his friends and churches he had planted that are packed full of practical and spiritual advice for Christian living that we can still learn from today.

The Prison Letters will take you on a thematic 40-day journey through the books of Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon. Packed full of personal anecdotes and wisdom, the message Paul conveyed to his readers during his imprisonment is brought to life.

Are you ready to tear open the envelopes and unfold the pages of these powerful letters? As you do, you will discover how you can live for Jesus in a more real and intimate way.

'I trust that for many it will be truly life-changing' – Dr Hugh Osgood

'This Lent course is ideal for new and established Christians alike to delve into Biblical truths at any time of the year' – Jane Walters

'Matt McChlery writes with infectious enthusiasm and passion' – Amy Scott Robinson

'I love it!' - Ruth O’Reilly-Smith

Discussion Videos

Invitation / Promo Video
Week 1 – Family
Week 2 – Unity
Week 3 – Spiritual Warfare
Week 4 – Prayer
Week 5 – Living For Jesus
Week 6 – Suffering

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