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The Voice Of The ProphetThe Voice Of The Prophet

The Voice Of The Prophet

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Prophecy is about proclaimation as well as prediction, of forth-telling and not simply for-telling. The Prophet's message is of hope as well as judgement, of God's new future as well as humankind's past misdeeds. p>

This six-week course for Advent through Epiphany listens to the vioce of the prophet Isaiah, exploring what his message meant in its own day and the way it is still relevant for us today. Each session offers a set of reflective thoughts on passages comminly used for this season, has questions for discussion, prayers and suggestions for music p>

Aimed Primaily for use with small discussion groups, the course could also used for private exploration of what Isaiah has to say. In addition, the author provides a helpful, brief introduction to the place and message of the prophets ini the Old Testament. P>

About John Cox

Since ordination, nearly 40 years ago, John has been a parish priest; Senior Selection Secretary at Church House, Westminster; Director of Ordinands, and Canon at Southwark Cathedral;

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