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The Word Of All Life DvdThe Word Of All Life Dvd

The Word Of All Life Dvd

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In her gentle and persuasive way Margaret Rizza shows us how to pray over scripture by way of eight talks interwoven with her own unique music set to beautiful pictures.
Let the message of the Bible speak to you in the silence, she says, so that the Word becomes alive ad active within you.


IntroductionTalk 1: In the BeginningMusic: Fountain of lifeTalk 2: Scripture and Lectio DivinaMusic: Your word is a lamp
Talk 3: Love Letters
Music: Come, my way
Talk 4: The Tradition of Lectio Divina
Music: O Lord, listen to my prayer
Talk 5: Choosing the Reading
Music:The Lord is my light
Talk 6: The Practice of Lectio Divina, with instrumental Calm me, Lord
Narration & Music: Margaret Rizza
Music: Thou art all things
Talk 7: Review of the Prayer Time
Talk 8: Time of Lectio Divina

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