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Themed Sunday IntercessionsThemed Sunday Intercessions

Themed Sunday Intercessions

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It is a privilege to lead intercessions in church on a Sunday and at the great Christian festivals. It can also be daunting. Rupert Bristow here brings his fresh wording to enrich the Sunday intercessions at your church, with prayers that can be used as they are or adjusted to suit your local situation. The prayers stem from Rupert's own prayer life and experience of leading intercessions in church, making them real and relevant to Christian life and worship.The prayers are in the form of sets of intercessions for use in the main morning services. The themes in the headings are picked up in the prayers, which also cover other subjects normally found in Sunday intercessions. The whole text is contained on the accompanying CD-ROM for ease of printing and adaptation of each set of prayers, and the book also has an extensive Index of Topics.

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