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This Meal We ShareThis Meal We Share

This Meal We Share

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Reprinted With New Cover For 2015

Whenever we gather around the Lord's table, we come as we are to share in things which are greater than ourselves. All good worship depends on achieving a happy balance between these two aspects: being faithful to the tradition of the Church, doing what she has done always and everywhere: but also being faithful to the community that gathers to celebrate. Genuine tradition is a dynamic memory, pushing us forward to celebrate not just our yesterdays, but our todays and all our tomorrows.

Too few though they may be, there are among us today pastoral poets: priests who have the gift of being able to express the Church's undying tradition in the words which they know best suit the assembly gathered in that particular place on that particular day.

This Meal We Share is a collection of such prayers by one such individual, which shows how the words the celebrant speaks can come from the heart, not just from the book. May Graham Jeffery's words, humbly offered, encourage and inspire you as you pray with and in the name of your community.


The Gathering of God's People
Waiting on the Holy Scripture
The Confession
The preparation of the bread and Wine
The Prayer of Consecration and the Communion
The Gloria

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