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Three Plus One:Festivals 2Three Plus One:Festivals 2

Three Plus One:Festivals 2

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Welcome to an exciting approach to junior church teaching! It's called Three + One because three junior church/Sunday school sessions build into an all-age service on the fourth Sunday. There is more than enough material for an average 45 minute session such as prayers, activities, drama, puzzles and each book provides material for 12 weeks.


How to get the best from this book

Unit 1: Countdown to Harvest Festival

Week 1: The parable of the talents
Week 2: The parable of the sower
Week 3: The parable of the rich fool
Week 4: All-age worship

Unit 2: Countdown to Church Anniversary
Week 1: The parable of the prodigal son
Week 2: The parable of the unforgiving servant
Week 3: Jesus forgives Peter for letting him down
Week 4: All-age worship

Unit 3: Countdown to Remembrance Sunday
Week 1: Cain and Abel
Week 2: David and Abigail
Week 3: Jesus washes his disciples' feet
Week 4: All-age worship

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