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Top 200 Praise And Worship Backing TracksTop 200 Praise And Worship Backing Tracks

Top 200 Praise And Worship Backing Tracks

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This Top 200 Collection of backing tracks showcases the most popular worship songs in the country. Taken from the Christian Copyright Licensing International list of worship music most used in Churches, this perfect mix of favourite songs means there is always something for everyone.


Disc 1
Abba Father - Dave Bilbrough
Above all - Lenny LeBlanc/Paul Baloche
All hail the lamb - Dave Bilbrough
All heaven declares - Noel Richards/Tricia Richards
All I once held dear (Knowing you) - Graham Kendrick
All my days (Beautiful saviour) - Stuart Townend
All over the world - Roy Turner
All to Jesus I surrender (I surrender all) - J.W. Van De Venter
All who are thirsty - Brenton Brown/Glenn Robertson
Alleluia alleluia give thanks (Alleluia No.1) - Donald E. Fishel
Amazing grace - Chris Tomlin/Louie Giglio/John Newton
As the deer (You alone are my strength) - Martin Nystrom
As we are gathered - John Daniels
Ascribe greatness to our God - Mary Kirkbride-Barthow/Mary Lou King
At your feet we fall (I am he that liveth) - David Fellingham
Awake, awake, O Zion (Our God reigns) - Leonard E. Smith Jr.
Be bold, be strong - Morris Chapman
Be lifted up - Paul Oakley
Be still, for the presence of the Lord - David J. Evans
Be the centre of my life - Michael Frye

Disc 2
Beautiful Lord, wonderful saviour (The potter's hand) - Darlene Zschech
Beauty for brokenness (God of the poor) - Graham Kendrick
Before the throne of God above - Vikki Cook/Charitie Lees Bancroft
Bind us together - Bob Gillman
Blessed be your name - Beth Redman/Matt Redman
Blessing and honour (Ancient of days) - Jamie Harvill/Gary Sadler
Breathe on me, breath of God - Marie Barnett
Christ triumphant ever reigning - Michael Saward
Colours of day (Light up the fire) - Sue McClellan/Keith Rycroft/John Paculabo
Come and see (We worship at your feet) - Graham Kendrick
Come now is the time to worship - Brian Doerksen
Come on and celebrate - Trish Morgan/Dave Bankhead
Draw me close to you - Kelly Carpenter
Even though I walk (You never let go) - Matt Redman/Beth Redman
Everlasting God - Brenton Brown/Ken Riley
Everyone needs compassion (Mighty to save) - Ben Fielding/Reuben Morgan
Faithful God - Chris Bowater
Faithful one - Brian Doerksen
Father God, I wonder (I will sing your praises) - Ian Smale
Father I place into your hands - Jenny Hewer

Disc 3
Father of creation (Let your glory fall) - David Ruis
Father we love you (Glorify thy name) - Donna Adkins
For I'm building a people of power - Dave Richards
From the highest of heights (Indescribable) - Laura Story
From the squalor of a borrowed stable (Immanuel) - Stuart Townend
Give thanks to the Lord (Forever) - Chris Tomlin
Give thanks with a grateful heart - Henry Smith
Go forth and tell - James E. Seddon
God forgave my sin (Freely freely) - Carol Owens
God in my living (Everything) - Tim Hughes
God of glory we exalt your name - David Fellingham
God sent his Son (Because he lives) - William J. Gaither/Gloria Gaither
Great is the darkness - Gerald Coates/Noel Richards
Great is the Lord - Steve McEwan
Great is thy faithfulness - Thomas Obediah Chisholm
Great is your faithfulness (Unchanging) - Chris Tomlin
He has risen - Gerald Coates/Noel Richards/Tricia Richards
He is exalted - Twila Paris
Here I am - Chris Bowater
Here I am (Majesty) - Martin Smith/Stuart Garrard

Disc 4
Holy holy - Nathan Fellingham
Holy Spirit we welcome you - Chris Bowater
Hosanna (Lord we lift up your name) - Carl Tuttle
Hosanna, hosanna (I see the king of glory) - Brooke Fraser
How deep the Father's love for us - Stuart Townend
How great is our God - Chris Tomlin/Jesse Reeves/Ed Cash
Hungry, I come to you (Falling on my knees) - Kathryn Scott
I am a new creation - Dave Bilbrough
I believe in Jesus - Marc Nelson
I danced in the morning - Sydney Bertram Carter
I give you all the honour (I worship you) - Carl Tuttle
I have heard so many songs (The Father's song) - Matt Redman
I lift my hands - Andre Kempen
I love you, Lord, and I lift my voice - Laurie Klein
I want to serve the purpose (In my generation) - Mark Altrogge
I will enter his gates (He has made me glad) - Leona Von Brethorst
I will offer up my life - Matt Redman
I will sing the wondrous story - Francis Harold Rawley
I will worship (You're worthy of my praise) - David Ruis
I worship you almighty God - Sondra Corbett

Disc 5
If I were a butterfly (The butterfly song) - Brian Howard
I'm accepted, I'm forgiven - Rob Hayward
I'm giving you my heart (Surrender) - Marc James
I'm special - Graham Kendrick
In Christ alone - Stuart Townend/Keith Getty
Jesus all for Jesus - Robin Mark/Jennifer Atkinson
Jesus Christ (Once again) - Matt Redman
Jesus, hope of the nations (Hope of the nations) - Brian Doerksen
Jesus is King - Wendy Churchill
Jesus is Lord - Keith Getty/Stuart Townend
Jesus is Lord! - David J. Mansell
Jesus is the name we honour - Philip Lawson Johnston
Jesus, Jesus (Holy and anointed one) - John Barnett
Jesus' love is very wonderful - H. W. Rattle
Jesus lover of my soul - Paul Oakley
Jesus name above all names - Naida Hearn
Jesus put this song into our hearts - Graham Kendrick
Jesus shall take the highest honour - Chris Bowater
Jesus stand among us - Graham Kendrick
Jesus take me as I am - Dave Bryant

Disc 6
Jesus, we celebrate your victory - John Gibson
Jesus, we enthrone you (Lord Jesus we enthrone you) - Paul Kyle
Jesus, what a beautiful name - Tanya Riches
Jubilate Deo (Lourdes) - Fred Dunn
King of kings majesty - Jarrod Cooper
Led like a lamb - Graham Kendrick
Let everything that has breath - Matt Redman
Let there be love - Dave Bilbrough
Light of the world - Tim Hughes
Lord, I come before your throne of grace (What a faithful God) - Robert Critchley/Dawn Critchley
Lord, I come to you (The power of your love) - Geoff Bullock
Lord I lift your name on high - Rick Founds
Lord Jesus Christ (Living Lord) - Patrick Robert Norman Appleford
Lord let your glory fall - Matt Redman
Lord of all hopefulness - Jan Struther
Lord of the Church we pray for our renewing - Timothy Dudley-Smith
Lord you have my heart - Martin Smith
Lord, the light of your love (Shine Jesus shine) - Graham Kendrick
Majesty - Jack Hayford
Make way, make way - Graham Kendrick

Disc 7
Meekness and majesty - Graham Kendrick
Men of faith (Shout to the north) - Martin Smith
More love, more power - Jude Del Hierro
My lips shall praise you (Restorer of my soul) - Noel Richards/Tricia Richards
My Lord, what love is this (Amazing love) - Graham Kendrick
O Church, arise - Keith Getty/Stuart Townend
O God of burning - William Booth/Lex Loizides
O let the Son of God enfold you (Spirit song) - John Wimber
O Lord, my God (How great thou art) - Stuart Wesley Keene Hine
O Lord our God (We will magnify) - Philip Lawson Johnston
Oh to see the dawn (The power of the cross) - Keith Getty/Stuart Townend
One more step along the world I go - Sydney Bertram Carter
Only by grace - Gerrit Gustafson
Open our eyes, Lord - Bob Cull
Open the eyes of my heart - Paul Baloche
Our God is a great big God (Great big God) - Jo Hemming/Nigel Hemming
Our God is an awesome God (Awesome God) - Rich Mullins
Over all the earth (Lord reign in me) - Brenton Brown
Over the mountains and the sea (I could sing of your love forever) - Martin Smith
Praise God from whom all blessings flow - Andy Piercy/David Clifton

Disc 8
Praise him on the trumpet - John Kennett
Praise him, you heavens (Great in power) - Russell Fragar
Praise is rising (Hosanna) - Paul Baloche/Brenton Brown
Purify my heart (Refiner's fire) - Brian Doerksen
Reign in me - Chris Bowater
Rejoice! - Graham Kendrick
Restore, O Lord - Graham Kendrick/Chris Rolinson
River, wash over me - Dougie Brown
Salvation belongs to our God - Adrian Howard/Pat Turner
See him lying on a bed of straw - Michael Perry
See, what a morning (Resurrection hymn) - Stuart Townend/Keith Getty
Seek ye first - Karen Lafferty
Shout to the Lord - Darlene Zschech
Show your power - Kevin Prosch
Speak, O Lord - Keith Getty/Stuart Townend
Spirit of the living God - Paul Armstrong
Spirit of the living God - Daniel Iverson
Such love - Graham Kendrick
Teach me to dance - Graham Kendrick/Steve Thompson
Tell out, my soul - Timothy Dudley-Smith

Disc 9
Thank you for saving me - Martin Smith
Thank you for the cross (Worthy is the lamb) - Darlene Zschech
The greatest day in history (Happy day) - Ben Cantelon/Tim Hughes
The King of love (The King has come) - Stuart Townend/Kevin Jamieson
The Lord's my shepherd (Psalm 23) - Stuart Townend
The Servant King - Graham Kendrick
The Spirit lives to set us free - Damian Lundy
There is a higher throne - Keith Getty/Kristyn Lennox
There is a redeemer - Melody Green-Sievright
There is power in the name of Jesus - Noel Richards
There must be more (Consuming fire) - Tim Hughes
There's a place where the streets shine (Because of you) - Paul Oakley
These are the days (Days of Elijah) - Robin Mark
This is my desire (I give you my heart) - Reuben Morgan
This is the day - Les Garrett
To be in your presence - Noel Richards
We are marching in the light of God - Anders Nyberg/Andrew Maries
We believe - Graham Kendrick
We bow down - Viola Grafström
We stand and lift up our hands (Holy is the Lord) - Chris Tomlin/Louie Giglio

Disc 10
We want to see Jesus lifted high - Doug Horley
What a friend I've found - Martin Smith
When I look into your holiness - Wayne Perrin/Cathy Perrin
When I was lost - Kate Simmonds/Miles Simmonds
When the music fades (The heart of worship) - Matt Redman
Who can know the mind of our creator (I stand in awe) - Martyn Layzell
Who is there like you? - Paul Oakley
Who paints the skies? (River of fire) - Stuart Townend
Will you come and follow me? (The summons) - John L. Bell/Graham Maule
Wonderful grace - John Pantry
Wonderful, so wonderful (Beautiful one) - Tim Hughes
Yesterday, today and forever - Vicky Beeching
You are beautiful (I stand in awe) - Mark Altrogge
You are the King of glory (Hosanna to the son of David) - Mavis Ford
You chose the cross (Lost in wonder) - Martyn Layzell
You laid aside your majesty - Noel Richards
You shall go out with joy (The trees of the field) - Stuart Dauermann/Steffi Geiser Rubin
You stood before creation (The stand) - Joel Houston
Your love is amazing (Hallelujah) - Brenton Brown/Brian Doerksen
You're the word of God, the Father (Across the lands) - Stuart Townend/Keith Getty

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