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Treasury Of PrayerTreasury Of Prayer

Treasury Of Prayer (CD)

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Sensitively read by Sarah Mayhew, these 42 prayers cover themes such as trust and hope, thanksgiving, love and sorrow, all accompanied by a blend of appropriate, reflective melodies.


1. Friendship
2. A prayer for those who live alone
3. Hold my hand
4. Marriage prayer
5. Safe in God's keeping
6. Be at peace
7. A blessing
8. God has not promised
9. Don't quit
10. A messenger of your love
11. When dreams are broken
12. The difference
13. I asked Jesus
14. Christ be with me
15. A prayer for patience
16. Wings of faith
17. The twenty-third Psalm
18. Life's lessons
19. Love
20. The Lord's Prayer
21. The peace of God
22. God grant me serenity
23. From a friend
24. Your will be done
25. Prayer of Francis of Assisi
26. Make me willing
27. Never too busy to care
28. Prayer of dedication
29. Death is nothing at all
30. Footprints
31. I am with you
32. The Lord our protector
33. I said a prayer
34. Do not be afraid
35. Someone who cares
36. When you're lonely
37. From the Lord of love
38. If I could
39. Guide for a loving home
40. Take time
41. God is the answer
42. The Beatitudes

An island stream - Kevin Duncan
On the breath of the wind - Keith Duke
In green pastures - Geoffrey Nobes
Let your beauty - Margaret Rizza
Cadfan's blessing - Keith Duke
You, Lord, are in this place - Keith Duke
You are the centre - Margaret Rizza
Beside still waters Geoffrey Nobes
The blessing of the Three Keith Duke
Take my hands, Lord - Margaret Rizza
New day - Margaret Rizza
Now is my quiet come again - Margaret Rizza
Silent, surrendered - Margaret Rizza
Ocean journey - Kevin Duncan

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