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Tunes For Three-Treble RecorderTunes For Three-Treble Recorder

Tunes For Three-Treble Recorder

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Grade 3-4
Arranged by Keith Stent
More popular tunes arranged this time for three treble recorders to enjoy.


Cradle song - Brahms
Daisy, Daisy - Dacre
Donawellen waltz - Ivanovici
Minuet from Don Giovanni - Mozart
Lift thine eyes from Elijah - Mendelssohn
Gaudeamus igitur - German student song
Kemp's jig - Anon.
La Marseillaise - Lisle
Linstead Market - West Indian
Little David, play on your harp - Spiritual
Minuet - Purcell
Minuet - Purcell
My grandfather's clock - Work
Reverie - Tchaikovsky
Scotland the brave - Scottish
Song of the Volga boatmen - Russian
Chorus from The Magic Flute - Mozart
Turkey in the straw - American
Tyrolese - Austrian
Yellow bird - West Indian