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Wax Relief -Tree Of Life - Red And Gold Cross  New For 2020Wax Relief -Tree Of Life - Red And Gold Cross  New For 2020

Wax Relief -Tree Of Life - Red And Gold Cross

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The book of Genesis tells us about the tree of life as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil planted by God himself in the garden of Eden. In the Christian tradition it symbolizes the immortality of life, the fruits of this tree give us everlasting life. In the book of Proverbs the tree of life is several times mentioned in relationship with wisdom.

Wax Reliefs will be dated with the year of the next Easter.

It can be fitted to paschal candles of 30" in length and above. Candle sold separately.

Important: You must purchase a paschal candle along with your wax relief.

We will attach the wax relief to the candle before dispatch. Due to the size of the wax relief, your paschal candle must be unless otherwise stated at least 2" diameter and 24" tall.

If purchasing multiple wax relief's with differently sized paschal candles, please add a note to your order on the cart page to make it clear to us what wax relief should be attached to what sized candle.

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