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What Do You Think?What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?

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Poetry arouses feelings, sparks imagination, prompts arguments, shapes attitudes and keeps us alert to new possibilities. It is there to make us think.

This collection of poems has been selected especially for use with children in schools. The poems cover a wide range of topics, including what we think about ourselves, friends, the environment, bullying and forgiveness.

Highly suitable for use in any setting, some of the poems have an explicit religious theme, presented in a way that invites reflection and careful thought.

This is an exciting resource of engaging and sometimes amusing poems that will help children to think about important issues. Brief commentaries and discussion questions are provided throughout to initiate discussion.

Contributing Authors:

Alison Carver
Ali Dee
Nick Fawcett
Michael Forster
Barry Hart
Val Hawthorne
Paul Keeble
Denis O'Gorman
Susan Sayers
Becky Silver
W. L. Wallace
Sarah Watts


1. A group of thieves were waiting
2. A man he was praying
3. All of us are different
4. All of us want to be winners
5. Am I somebody's son or somebody's daughter? (Who am I?)
6. Are we all different or are we the same? (Are you like me?)
7. Be patient
8. Believe in the future
9. Can I give assistance?
10. Choices, choices
11. Do you ever wish you could fly?
12. Don't be scared of questions
13. Don't bear a load on your shoulders
14. Don't big yourself up
15. Don't bottle things up
16. Everybody says, 'It's not my fault!' (Blame somebody else!)
17. Flowers in the springtime
18. Forests are chopped down
19. Give some thought to those you mix with
20. God gave me a body
21. God is good
22. God is so much more
23. God sends a rainbow
24. Hand in hand (We can change our world)
25. How can I be a good friend today?
26. How do you say, 'Thank you'? (Thank you)
27. I can learn
28. I can play a part
29. I could be a friend
30. I could climb the Eiffel Tower
31. I dream of a world full of peace, not despair (Dream)
32. I may be small or big
33. I may not be an Einstein or Isambard Brunel
34. If a friend's in need and you just don't care
35. If I can be strong
36. If I make things up, if I tell you lies
37. If only we'd stop, and look, and see
38. If you were stripy or dotty (Stripy dotty friends)
39. If you're feeling kind of lonely
40. If you're feeling worried, troubled
41. In this world it's not hard to spot
42. Is there a reason behind why we're here?
43. It's good to pray
44. Let's be green
45. Let's have a minute's silence
46. Let's take care of our body
47. Life is for living now
48. Many people worship
49. My Granny and Granddad
50. People see things this way
51. Prayer's like talking on a mobile phone
52. Reach for the sky
53. 'Roar, roar,' said the lion
54. Some are full of action
55. Some people say, 'The world's too small'
56. Someone in the world is hungry
57. Someone near is hurting
58. Sometimes my head is busy and buzzy (Heartbeat)
59. Stuff!
60. There are lots of things (It's good to be me!)
61. There's a man we see in town
62. There's a word
63. There's too much hurting, too many tears
64. This is the place where we are safe and free (School Song)
65. Though we come from different places
66. Try, try, try it again
67. What shall I do with today?
68. When a challenge starts off easy
69. When I fail to be the person
70. When I feel nervous, when I feel scared (Friendship)
71. When Jesus was my age
72. When someone shows a little act of kindness
73. When you're feeling nervous, when you're feeling scared
74. Who cares for carers?
75. Yes, the journey of life
76. You can't always have what you want

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