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What Happens When We PrayWhat Happens When We Pray

What Happens When We Pray

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Does It Make a difference?

Prayers may be formal or informal, carefully composed or on the spur of the moment.They might be in the form of confessions or thanksgivings, and often they are requests made to God on behalf of ourselves or for others.

Does prayer change anything and what do our prayers say about the kind of God we believe in?

Without shying away from philosophical and theological difficulties posed by the practice of prayer, John Saxbee provides an accessible and ultimately reassuring account of how prayer properly understood enlivens and enriches our relationship to God, our neighbour and the world around us.

What Happens When We Pray? is a study with a pastoral purpose, touching on matters which are as emotionally sensitive as they are intellectually intriguing. It is an encouragement to think about what we are doing when we pray and a stimulus to pray with ever more conviction and commitment.

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