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What's The Story?What's The Story?

What's The Story?

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What's the Story? brings the best Bible stories to life with dramatic and interactive storytelling. These assemblies for Primary schools are designed to be instant and inviting.

Each assembly includes a Bible story, a brief point to remember, a song and an imaginative prayer suggestion. Whether you choose a different story for every week of the school year or mark the major Christian festivals, these stories are fun to tell and entertaining to hear - simply turn the page and invite the children in your school to shout, 'What's the story?'


Big Bang - The Creation story
Rain, Rain, Go Away! - Noah's Ark
The Great Babble - The Tower of Babel
The Long Wait - God keeps his promise to Abraham and Sarah
Two Brothers - Isaac and Ishmael
The Big Fight - Jacob wrestles with an angel
The Dreamer - Joseph's colourful life
Blood, Bugs and Boils - The Ten Plagues of Egypt
The Great Escape - The Crossing of the Red Sea
The Giant - David and Goliath
'QUAKE! WIND! FIRE! - The prophet Elijah meets God in the desert
Staying Alive - God saves three men from the fiery furnace
Teeth and Claws - Daniel in the lions' den
Eaten Alive! - Jonah and the Big Fish
Locusts and Honey - The story of John the Baptist and Advent
The New Baby - The Christmas story
Missing! - Mary and Joseph lose Jesus
Wet, Wet, Wet - The story of Jesus' baptism
Deserted - Jesus in the wilderness and the start of Lent
Gone Fishing - Jesus calls the disciples
The Miracle Drink - Jesus turns water into wine
The All-You-Can-Eat Picnic - Jesus feeds the five thousand
In Charge - Jesus heals the centurion's servant
Get Up! - Jesus heals the paralysed man
Wake Up! - Jesus brings Lazarus back from the dead
Man Overboard! - Jesus walks on the waves
Take Care - The parable of the Good Samaritan
Lost and Found - The parable of the prodigal son
It's Not Fair! - The parable of the workers in the vineyard
Seeds, Weeds and Stones - The parable of the sower
A Tale of Two Sisters - Martha and Mary
Dazzled! - the story of Jesus' Transfiguration
Smelly Feet - Jesus washes his disciples' feet
What's The Story?
Crucify Him! - The story of Good Friday
He's Alive! - The story of Easter Day
I Don't Believe It! - The story of Doubting Thomas
Come and Have Breakfast! - Jesus appears to the disciples on the beach
Goodbye - Jesus ascends into heaven
Wind and Fire - The story of Pentecost, the Church's birthday

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Claire Benton-Evans writes exclusively for Kevin Mayhew. Her consultancy work includes all-age worship workshops and children’s spirituality training for clergy, worship leaders, head teachers and school governors.

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