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Wide As The Oceans, High As The HeavensWide As The Oceans, High As The Heavens

Wide As The Oceans, High As The Heavens

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Here is a compilation of prayers from five of Annie Heppenstall's previous books. Annie says, 'Each one of my books celebrates the awe of this beautiful world we live in, but also acknowledges that life can be very challenging as we struggle with personal circumstances and questions of faith.'

In this book, you will find prayers

• celebrating the wonder of the natural world
• using inclusive and feminine imagery for God
• reinterpreting traditional Christian prayers,
• in inclusive language
• of time and season
• in the Celtic tradition
• for tree planting, place blessing and pet funerals
• to honour women's stages of life from menarche to menopause
• seeking a way through loss, illness and anxiety
• seeking peace in difficult relationships, including within church communities
• expressing wonder at divine love and much more!

The index enables prayers to be traced to their original sources.


SECTION A - Awe, Thanks and Praise
Psalm-inspired prayers - from The Book of Uncommon Prayer
Praise in a Celtic style - from Search Me and Know Me
Prayers of the Feminine Divine, - from The Book of Uncommon Prayer
Sacred breath
To the Shekhinah (feminine presence of God)
The Rock who gives us birth

SECTION B - Prayers of the Earth
In the 'Celtic' style - from Search Me and Know Me
Being aware of our location in the environmen
Love of nature
Psalm-inspired awe in nature - from The Book of Uncommon Prayer
The four traditional elements - from The Book of Uncommon Prayer
Prayers of place
Animal life - (all this section are from The Book of Uncommon Prayer)
Prayers at a pet funeral
Care for the environment

SECTION C - Times and Seasons
Unless stated otherwise, the prayers in this section are all found in The Book of Uncommon Prayer
Days of the week
Times of day - holy hours
The liturgical year and of our life-journeys
Advent time
All Saints/All Souls/Samhain (the old name for this time)
Natural times and seasons
Moon phases and feelings

SECTION D - Prayers of Humanity
Psalm-inspired prayers - from The Book of Uncommon Prayer
Prayers for specific qualities and spiritual 'fruits' - from Search me and Know Me
Asking for blessings
Prayers for home, safe space, environment and location blessing - from Search me and Know Me
Praying together for someone or something - from The Book of Uncommon Prayer
Psalm-inspired prayers
In times of personal difficulty
Psalm-inspired prayers
In time of conflict/difficult relationship with others
When there is nobody to trust
Asking for help in crisis
Focus on feelings
Life as spiritual journey: challenges of faith - from Rejoice with Me
Safe in God
Trusting God
Talking about God
Finding God during high and low times
God's loving acceptance
God in the everyday
God's concern for our well-being
God's loving acceptance
Giving and receiving support
Relating to others
Human weakness and God's understanding
Leading and serving
Prayers of transformation -from Rejoice with Me
Health and well-being concerns - from Hiding in God: pairs of contrasting prayers
God's presence in the night
Finding confidence in God
Waiting in God's love
Being known by God
God's love working through others
Trusting in God
Held by God
Safe in God's care
God's understanding of pain
God's presence in the unexpected
The experience of being prayed for
God's patience
Resting in God
In God's hands
Knowing God's acceptance
Blessings of renewal
Nurturing empathy
Strength in God
Seeking God's peace
Encircled by God
Living in God
Finding refuge in God
Seeking transformation
Hope in God's power
Seeking understanding
God's reassuring peace
Seeking help
Lightening the load
Realising God's love
God's faithfulness

SECTION E - Inspired by Tradition
'Prayer book' tradition - from The Book of Uncommon Prayer
Celtic Christian tradition - from Search Me and Know Me
A prayer-a-day resource of 47 short prayers - from Who Do You Say That I Am?

A prayer a day through Lent (47 days) can also be used to make a set of prayers for other times, for example each day of the month, for the duration of Advent (24 days), 'Celtic' Advent (40 days starting on 15th November) or Pentecost (40 days).
Closing reflection from The Book of Uncommon Prayer
APPENDIX - The source books

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