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Wild Bible, Wild Church

Wild Bible, Wild Church

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At a time, when many people are re-thinking their relationship to the natural world, and their understanding of church, this book is vital. This book aims to transform your worship and spirituality through Bible teaching on the natural world. The natural world is a revelation of God. It is one of the ways he has always revealed himself to people. 

In the Bible, people connected with God in the wild, Moses found God in a bush, Elijah found Him in whisper. People’s first revelation of God was through the natural world. The Bible starts outside and ends outside. All the best-known stories in the Bible take place outside. Jesus’s teaching takes place outside. He points out the world around him as he talks. 

Wild church is becoming more popular all the time. It is a great way of doing church. It is fantastic for people who are seeking God, and it is fantastic for people who don’t even know that they are seeking after God. It is fantastic for people who are disillusioned with mainstream church, and for people who love traditional models of church.  It is fantastic for nature lovers, and people who don’t even know they are nature lovers yet. But this book is for anyone who wants to know God more.

Wild Bible, Wild Church is an in-depth study of nature in The Bible, in order to lead people into deeper relationship with God.  Nature in the Bible communicates to us about God’s power, His glory, His strength, His wisdom, His mystery, His Love, and much more besides. In addition, nature can teach us about our spirit, our purposes and the ways we are built in God’s image. Become more wild as you learn to connect to our wild God. 

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