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World Is Full Of Smelly FeetWorld Is Full Of Smelly Feet

World Is Full Of Smelly Feet

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Jesus calls us to a party, and here is the party music! Twenty-five toe-tappers which kids of all ages will love to sing and play. All have easy accompaniments and guitar chords.

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Do you ever wish you could fly
Each of us is a living stone
Everyone's a Christmas baby
God has spoken
Gos is the centre and the circle
God sends a rainbow
God turned darkness into light
God was born on earth
Hee haw! Hee haw!
I am cold, I am ice
I'm glad I'm alive
Jesus calls us to a party
Jesus went away to the desert
Love is like a circle
Praise God in his holy place
Sing praise to God
Stand on the corner of the street
Stand up! Walk tall
The world is full of smelly feet
There are people who live in mansions
There was one, there were two
There's a great big world out there
We are one family together
We eat the plants that grow from the seed
We thank God for the harvest