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Our friends at Pax Christi are making news!

On May 19th Peace campaigner and Chaplain to Pax Christi, Bruce Kent is visiting Downing Street and embassies of the other nuclear countries to read part of the Treaty of the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. He will also be delivering a personal letter to the Prime Minister and to every Ambassador requesting that they sign the Treaty. They are using the hashtag #pilgrimage4peace, check it out for more information on this and the below!

Pax Christi members supporters and friends are making a Pilgrimage for Peace between International Conscientious Objectors' Day (15 May) and the feast of the Blessed Franz Jägerstätter  (21 May) to raise funds for the precious work for peace undertaken by Pax Christi.

Bruce Kent is a much loved friend and writer. You can find Bruce's material here.

Pictured: Bruce Kent and Kevin Mayhew 




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