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Song Of The Week

Garth Hewitt Music

This week instead of a prayer, we have chosen a beautiful song that Garth wrote which tells the story of the words that were said to Stephen Lawrence as he was dying, by Louise and Conner Taafe. Garth had been given some information by a local radio station which he turned into this song. Archbishop Sentamu (then Bishop of Stepney) asked Garth to join him and Doreen and Neville Lawrence and some friends at the place where Stephen had been killed. Armed with a small AP system, Garth asked several houses if they he could plug into their homes, with them all refusing. Finally one woman said to her husband “We can do this!” after he initially denied the request to plug in and so, Garth was able to play and sing ‘You Are Loved.’


Click HERE to listen to the full song.

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