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All Wrapped Up

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Key Stage 1 - 2

This book of 30 new assemblies provides teachers with a wealth of ideas and inspiration to see them through the school year. Written by John Wright, author of In the Bag and In the Bag 2, the tried and tested material is designed to be used term by term. Not only is the aim to help children to learn about God, but to get them doing, looking and listening, too. This is, quite literally, a 'gift' for everyone to enjoy!Suitable for Key Stage 1-2


Autumn Term
Knowing you, knowing me, knowing God
Loving God needs practice too
My hero - I want to be like them
'Harvest' can spell 'share' or 'starve'
Superstition, luck or divine plan?
Saint 'you' - saints aren't perfect
The Advent wreath
Spreading the message
Pass the parcel
Christmas quiz - it's about Jesus!
Spring Term
The final candle - Jesus is always there
Knowing someone who has been there
Prayer is talking and listening
Shopping basket - all the Earth's goodness
Lent - giving up champagne?
Story time - the sheep and the goats
The birthday card - God loves us anyway
Foot washing - if Jesus can do it...
Don't go with the crowd - Palm Sunday and Good Friday
We are all lights of Jesus
Summer Term
Baptism vows 1 - creation
Baptism vows 2 - the human face of God
Baptism vows 3 - God at work in us
Christian Aid - YES!
When Christian Aid week is over - it isn't
The lesson of the pet - love returned
Story time - David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17)
A postcard from God
Who do you trust - a horoscope or God?
Stand up for what you believe in

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