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An Organ MiscellanyAn Organ Miscellany

An Organ Miscellany

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This collection is for those who like a bargain. The great thing about this miscellany is that it offers such a wide choice - you'll find there's something here whatever your mood or musical taste.


A cheerful prelude - Hunt
Adagio - Verhelst
Agnus dei - Christopher Tambling
Alla marcia - Adams
Allegretto - Gade
Allegretto con grazia - Hopkins
Allegro ben moderato - Bridge
Andante - Harvey
Andante grazioso - Smart
Andante moderato - Smart
A plaintive aria - Donald Hunt
A popular memory - Quentin Thomas
Aria - Oswald
Aria - Christopher Tambling
A stately postlude - Hunt
Ballinaria - Adrian Vernon Fish
Berceuse - Guilmant
Blue promenade - Ridout
Bourrée I - Wood
Bourrée II - Wood
Chorale on York - Christopher Tambling
Choral prelude on Marienlied - Murray
Chorale prelude on Rockingham - Parry
Communion - Wolstenholme
Communion in G - Guilmant
Communion on Dies Dominica - Christopher Tambling
Concertino - Christopher Tambling
Diversion - Richard Lloyd
Elegy - Lloyd
Elevation - Guilmant
Elevation - Sergent
Evensong - Harris
Fanfare and Scherzo - Christopher Tambling
Folk Tune on Dream Angus - Christopher Tambling
Fugue and Chorale - Christopher Tambling
Grand Choeur in G - Salomé
Interlude on Irish - Christopher Tambling
Intermezzo in D minor - Alan Gray
Intermezzo in F - Alan Gray
Invocation in Eb - Guilmant
Larghetto - Walmisley
March in D - Guilmant
Meditation - Norman Warren
Meditation in B minor - Guilmant
Melody - Guilmant
Melody - Parker
Minuet - Guilmant
Offertory in G - Guilmant
Pastorale - Guilmant
Pastorale - Haynes
Pax Vobiscum - Button
Postlude on St Columba - Christopher Tambling
Postludium - Merkel
Praeludium - Brewer
Prayer II - Guilmant
Prelude in A - Thayer
Prelude in A minor - Rinck
Prelude in Ab - Rinck
Prelude in Bb - Rinck
Prelude in C - Rinck
Prelude in C minor - Rinck
Prelude in D - Silas
Prelude in D minor - Rinck
Prelude in E - Rinck
Prelude in Eb - Rinck
Prelude in E minor - Rinck
Prelude in F - Rinck
Prelude in F minor - Rinck
Prelude in F# minor - Rinck
Prelude in G - Rinck
Prelude in G minor - Rinck
Prelude on Slane - Christopher Tambling
Processional - Christopher Tambling
Riposo - Rheinberger
Romanza - Simon Clark
Second Prelude in A minor - Rinck
Second Prelude in C - Rinck
Second Prelude in E minor - Rinck
Short Prelude - Alan Gray
Soft Voluntary - Harding
Toccatina for Flutes - Christopher Tambling
Trio - Christopher Tambling
Trumpet Tune - Christopher Tambling
Tuba Tune - Christopher Tambling
Verset - Guilmant