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Calming Classrooms DVD

Calming Classrooms DVD

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This DVD blends the beauty of music and the wonders of nature to create a calmed classroom. The combination of classical music, atmospheric sounds and beautiful images make this a perfect aid to help relax Students, eliminate stress, provide a distraction from noise pollution and encourage a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment.

**Based on CD 1 in the sets**


Gymnopédie No.1 Eric Satie
Venus, the bringer of peace Gustav Holst
Child falling asleep Robert Schumann
On the breath of the wind Keith Duke
Clair de lune for solo piano Claude Debussy
Dawn Austin Kershaw
Love theme Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Ave Maria Charles Guonod/J. S. Bach
The swan Camille Saint-Saëns

Take my hands Margaret Rizza

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