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A Narrative Piece for Cello & Piano by Joanna Borrett

This book of ten short narrative-based movements for cello and piano tells the tale of an ancient indigenous Scottish clan. Through a rich and vibrant musical journey, players will experience a variety of sounds and emotions as they follow the clan's story. A unique and moving composition, this book will transport you to a world of ancient beauty and tradition.

Suitable for Grade 4-5 level players and above, it uses many easy specialist effects, such as specialist pizz, col legno, ponticello, tapping, and singing, to enhance the drama of the work.

With stunning original music and an engaging narrative, this cello and piano book is the perfect way to connect with the spirit of Scotland.

Clan has been well-received by critics, with the string orchestra recording of Clan chosen as Album of the Weekend by Scala Radio, and Video of the Day at Gramophone. The third movement was recently played on Jools Holland’s Radio 3 programme ‘Earlier’

“Ravishingly beautiful music” - Paul Carr, Composer

“Joanna Borrett’s Clan is an authentic journey with warm melodies that makes you feel part of a story which is sometimes peaceful and sometimes projects intense emotions. A true work of art. " - Eduardo Cruz, end

“The music plays out like a ballet suite, a wistful introduction leading to a pithy, catchy reel lasting barely a minute and a euphonious celebration of unity, 'Us'. Borrett’s language is tonal and accessible, the string writing alluding to a very English tradition. Think Holst or Warlock, in a good way.

Borrett’s concision is striking, with much incident packed into movements which rarely exceed three minutes; Clan lasts just over 19 minutes but feels much bigger. 'Betrayal' and “Armour and Battlefield” take us into impressively astringent territory,  and a final 'Chant' has wordless vocals before a solemn, downbeat close.“ - Graham Rickson, The Arts Desk, March, 2024.

“Clan forges a strong connection between folk and classical music and the stories come to thrilling life with such passion, beauty and feeling.” - Simon Godley, God is in the TV, April, 2024.

YouTube: First Movement One Morning
YouTube: Second Movement Reel

You can download MP3 tracks of each song in the 'Resources' tab.


One Morning









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