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Finding MaggieFinding Maggie

Finding Maggie

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'That's it. I am free. I am going to leave and I am going to Maggie and Michael, and I am going to be a husband and a father.'

For many years a Catholic priest and a member of a religious order, author Brian Fahy struggled to find a path to freedom. Finding Maggie was his liberation. But even then he struggled to be free.

In this book - both love story and memoir - Brian tells of his spiritual struggle with the Catholic Church, eventually leaving to be with the woman he loves; of her illness and her death at the age of just 47; of their son, Michael; and of the great human journey that we all make to stand in the light of the sun.

Brian often joked with his wife that their story 'would knock Dr Zhivago into a cocked hat!'. In this book there is no Russian revolution to give dramatic background, but instead the revolutions struggling to be born in the Catholic Church.

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