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God of Here, There & Everywhere

God of Here, There & Everywhere

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In these prayers, inspired by the Celtic tradition, Nick Fawcett fuses elements of our Christian past with the present, the ancient with the contemporary.

In language at times poetic, at times reflecting a deep affinity with nature, and throughout free of any doctrinal axe to grind, he roots prayer in daily life and the world around us, locating the divine in the down-to-earth, the heavenly in the here and now.

There are prayers for ourselves, seeking help in meeting the challenges of life and faith.

There are prayers for others and – so vitally important today – for our environment.

And there are prayers of praise, worship and thanksgiving, celebrating and responding to the awesome mystery of God.

Here is a resource to breathe new life into your daily devotions; prayers that will speak not only for you but also to you.

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