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Organist's Collection Book 6

Organist's Collection Book 6

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Instruments: Organ
This series makes available a wide repertoire of music for the organ, requiring only a modest technique. Many of the pieces are well known while others, we feel, deserve to be. As always they are beautifully presented and represent tremendous value.


Book Six
Allegretto tranquillo - Guilmant
Antiphon - Guilmant
Berceuse - Cui
Entrée Pontificale - Bossi
Fughetta - Dvorák
Legend - Klicka
O friend of souls - Karg-Elert
Pastorale - Boëllmann
Prayer I - Guilmant
Prelude - Stanford
Prelude - Lemmens
Recessional - Bridge
Reflection - Wood
Short Prelude - Merkel

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