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Razzamajazz GuitarRazzamajazz Guitar

Razzamajazz Guitar

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If you've ever picked up a classical guitar only to find that it's all a little bit complicated, then you need Razzamajazz Guitar, the fun way to learn! Packed with 32 upbeat pieces, Razzamajazz Guitar introduces new notes gradually and comes with a practice and performance tracks. Clearly illustrated throughout, you will move from one-note wonder to impresario in no time!

As Sarah says:'Razzamajazz Guitar can be used alongside a traditional tutor book to inspire and motivate from the first note. New notes are added one at a time, and in all the pieces, the 'jazz feel' backing track will celebrate progress and build confidence. Some of the tunes in the book include chord symbols which can be played by the teacher or other students to make a duet or ensemble piece. Later in the book a bass line is also included. Razzamajazz Guitar will prove a useful resource for guitar teachers that is upbeat, technically sound and fun.'

Sarah Watts is a well-known and prolific composer who loves to make music-learning fun. Her books for most instruments and choirs are published by Kevin Mayhew. She has pieces in all the major exam syllabuses and her music is played all over the world.

Steve Christmas studied guitar performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. With over 15 years' teaching experience, he is now Deputy Head of Berkshire Maestros and the Berkshire Music Education Hub and conducts the nationally acclaimed Berkshire Youth Guitar Orchestra.

Giving beginners the encouragement and confidence to progress quickly and sound great, Razzamajazz Guitar is sure to become the go-to book for all those who want to learn classical guitar.

Practice and Performance tracks available to download.


Take it away
Ghostly G
Time for two
Have a banana for tea
Open to you
Weeping willows
On and off
I believe
Gift of the GAB
Cheeky cha cha
Tip toe
A pigeon in Paris
Head in the clouds
Show off shimmy
Knights and ladies
Moment in Moscow
Watercress waltz
Musical box
Driving on
Blown away
All sorts
On stage
Cop show
Shrimps ahoy
Squirrels in the mist
Play this rhythm on your guitar
Who's that knocking?
Marshmallows at midnight
Sneaky Sid
Jolly good show!
Deep blue


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