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Seeking The Way

Seeking The Way

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Themed quiet days for those of all faiths and none - by Nick Fawcett

In our restless modern world, in which many seem as troubled and stressed as they have ever been, we need to make time to be still, to commune with something beyond ourselves. This book aims to help in enabling just that, offering a resource for the staging of Quiet Days or reflective events on a variety of themes and, if so wished, for those of all faiths or none.

Rather than dealing with overtly religious issues, it approaches everyday matters from a spiritual perspective, covering themes as diverse as anxiety, anger, sorrow, friendship, suffering, envy, truth, loneliness and numerous others, each moving from the negative to the positive, the life denying to the life affirming. Here is a book that will help many to find the guidance in their daily lives they so urgently seek.

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