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Short & Easy Manuals CollectionShort & Easy Manuals Collection

Short & Easy Manuals Collection

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Instruments: Manuals
You'll find 70 pieces in this collection, all for manuals only. They are short (none more than two pages) and easily played.


Adagio - Christopher Tambling
A little jaunt - Andrew Moore
Andante - Rinck
Andante from Sonatina - Jacob Schmitt
Andante tranquillo - Andrew Moore
Andante tranquillo - Murray
Andantino - Franck
A prayer of peace - Michael Higgins
A prayer song - Andrew Moore
Aria - Noel Rawsthorne
Aria - Richard Lloyd
Arietta - John Marsh
Arioso - Noel Rawsthorne
A sad piece - Andrew Moore
A short recessional - Andrew Moore
A tuba minuet - Christopher Tambling
Calm reflection - Colin Mawby
Cantabile - Simon Clark
Canzona - Murray
Chant de Matin - Boëllmann
Communion prelude - Michael Higgins
Country minuet - Graham Knott
Cradle Song - Richard Lloyd
Diludium - Richard Lloyd
Domine clamavi - Philip Moore
Elegy - Michael Higgins
Evening Calm - Schütt
Festal day - Elizabeth Hill
Hail the dawn - Colin Mawby
Idyll - MacDowell
Improvisation - Andrew Moore
Interlude - Boëllmann
Interlude - Hesse
Interlude - Noel Rawsthorne
Invocation - Guilmant
La Furstemberg - Corrette
Laudate - Colin Mawby
Mallaby-Deeley's march - Richard Lloyd
Meditation - James Patten
Meditation at Engelberg - John Marsh
Minuet - Böhm
Minuet - Haydn
Morning Light - Andrew Moore
Nobilmente - Andrew Moore
Our Lady's morning song - Stanley Vann
Pastorale - Boëllmann
Pastorale - Elizabeth Hill
Prayer - Guilmant
Prayer to the Trinity - Andrew Moore
Prelude - Fibich
Prelude - Lefébure-Wély
Prelude - Merkel
Prelude in Bb - Rinck
Prelude in C - Franck
Prelude in C - Nielsen
Prelude in D minor - Bruckner
Prelude in E Minor - Boëly
Prière - Franck
Procession to a jaunty tune - Rosalie Bonighton
Promenade - June Nixon
Reflection - Betty Roe
Rejoice greatly - John Marsh
Siciliano - Elizabeth Hill
Slow air - S. Wesley
Stately sortie - Andrew Fletcher
Strophe - Guilmant
The vines - Norman Warren
To a wild rose - MacDowell
Trumpet tune - David Terry
Voluntary - Croft

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