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Tasting Life - CDTasting Life - CD

Tasting Life

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Christians have often found that practising the physical discipline of limiting what and when they eat also deepens their spiritual awareness of God.This 3-Album set is designed to sensitise listeners in a similar way, helping them to make God a daily reality and experience a closer relationship with their deeper selves. Beautifully read by Chris Morley himself, each day's thought begins with an often light-hearted look at an aspect of human behaviour or something extraordinary from the natural world. This is used to encourage inward reflection on a facet of our own experience, in the light of God's involvement in our lives.


Disc 1
Starter - The week of Ash Wednesday
Week One - Choosing
Week Two - Living

Disc 2
Week Two - continued
Week Three - Longing
Week Four - Loving

Disc 3
Week Five - Growing
Week Six - Holy Week
Dessert - Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday

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